Sunday, October 14, 2012

This Is No Rest Home

It has pretty much been three days of non-stop travel. It took about 27 hours to get from Toronto to Arusha, Tanzania and then 9 hours of driving today to get to Kabaya in Kiteto Region. Here we will see first hand the clean water challenges people face as well as some of the work Watercan is doing help to bring solutions.

A few of the highlights so far were meeting a whole lot of NGO people on the flight. I also had great travel company in a young Ethopian woman, named Lea, and her father. They were just going home after 4 months in the US.  Lea's Dad hasn't been well, so they were in the US to see family and get Dad some medical attention. To see the way Lea cares for her Dad is quite moving.

After arriving in Arusha, fellow climber Mike Wymant and I explored the city and waited for the rest of the team to arrive. In the Massai market, brilliant me knocked over a woman's stack of potatoes. I felt like a complete moron. Then a crazy woman assaulted me. Fortunately, Mike and I had befriended a couple of locals who kept us (I.e. Me) out of harm's way.

Last night, the rest of the team arrived.  We got aquainted over a late dinner and then it was off to bed.

Today was a long,  dusty, bumpy day as we jumped in the Land Cruisers and made the 9 hour trek to Kiteto. For most of the day it was like we were in the middle of nowhere.  We didn't see people or cars, just some antelope and the occasional eagle. It is so dry here that there is dust blowing everywhere and most of the vegetation appears to be dead. When we finally arrived, we were greeted by smiling kids that wanted to play soccer with us and get their pictures taken. We had a traditional Tanzanian dinner with local officials.  

Some of team has decided to grab a pint nearby. I am pooped, so I am off to bed.

Hakuna Matata  

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