Wednesday, June 27, 2012

It Ain't So Easy

I gotta tell you, keeping a regular training schedule is tough!!!  As you can tell from my lack of posts, it's been hard to find time for both training and blogging.  I kind of fell off the wagon about 3 weeks ago when I had to go to Ottawa on business.  A few cocktails and I was back into old bad habits, and the next thing you know BAM!!!, you haven't worked out in over a week and a half. 

And why is it that getting back into your workout routine seems far more difficult than starting when you are completely out of shape?  When I got back to running, after that short little break, I thought my lungs would explode and I got cramps on top of cramps in places I didn't even know you can get cramps. The good news is, after a few days of struggling, I am back at it and loving it.

Last weekend, my buddy Blaise volunteered to be my hiking buddy, so we headed up to the Forks of the Credit and did an 18 km hike.  It wasn't supposed to be that long.  We just suck at reading trail maps and got lost.  Just as we were finishing the hike, Blaise tripped on a root and went BOOM!, down on the groud like a stone falling out of the sky.  He broke two ribs.  I may be hiking on my own from now on.

What else is new?  We're up over $7,600 in donations, but things have gotten pretty quiet, so I have to renew my commitment to fundraising as well.

My daughter is about to leave us for the summer, so I am going to get in a last few hours of dad-daughter time before we become empty nesters.  I'm guessing I will have more time for everything once she's gone. See ya soon!