Monday, September 17, 2012

Did I Mention Sheila McCarthy Is My Training Buddy?

I sure hope not, because that would be a lie.  Sheila McCarthy has no clue who I am.  That's not entirely true. If you showed Sheila McCarthy a picture of me, I am pretty sure she could tell you that we work out in the same gym, usually at the same time.  Occassionally, we even get in a "Hi, how are you?" at the start of our respective workouts.  More often than not, she ends up on the eliptical or treadmill beside me, which means I benefit from a tougher regime.  I am constantly checking out her speed on the digital screen, so I can try to keep up. The woman is fast as hell and she can run forever. 
Thanks for unwittingly helping a guy out Sheila.  Maybe one day we will run into each other when we aren't huffing, puffing and sweating.  If we do, I'll tell you the story and thank you in person.

You know what?  Next time I am going to just lie and say Sheila McCarthy is my training buddy.  lol.

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